About us

My name is Kateřina Huboňová and I live together with my family in Králův Dvůr, close to Beroun. I haven´t lived all my life in the big house, so my wisch “just to have the dog” was really somewhere in the back. What I would like to give to my dog was not only love but also as much care and comfort as I could. 

When we bought a family house with a big garden, I start to work on my dream.

  • As of dog’s nature, my idea was of an intelligent dog, great with kids.
  • Dog, that also guarding and protecting our home.
  • As of appearance, I dream about the middle size dog with short hair and ears down.

The searching was on and quess the result! Of course, Rhodesian Ridgeback! I contacted randomly the breeder Marie Hachova from the kennel “od Kovarovske hurky” with a serious interest in a puppy – female. I got the right of the first choice but so little I knew by that time about breed. That is why I chose the puppy by my heart. 

my first Ridgeback

My first female dog of Rhodesian Ridgeback has been named Bawean od Kovářovské hůrky. Still, we call her Cituška, Citunka, Cita, etc. She was born on October 24, 2005, from the linebreeding of Cassinga Al Kham-sa “Kačenka” and Lihuntra Amabhele “Miš” (import Africa). Find out more about Cita. Cita joined our lives on December 23, 2005, so we got the cuddliest gift under the Christmas tree we could have ever dreamt of. She grew up to be an excellent female dog with a friendly and cheerful nature, making every day of our lives worth it twice.

CITA founder of your kennel

Cita is a very healthy, beautiful female dog with a unique character and I fell in love head over heels with this breed. Over time I decided to be an active member of breeding Rhodesian Ridgebacks.
At the end of January 2008, we got the confirmation on the registration of protected international breeding station – Bawean’s Hope.

náš první vrh “A”

For Cita’s first litter, I decided on the stud dog in Germany. The puppies were born at the beginning of 2009 and we have started our breeding career with the great LITTER “A” litter – . After, Cita had two more litters, in 2011 litter “B” and her last litter in 2013, litter “D”. From litter A we have kept the firstborn female dog – African ELZA Bawean´s Hope, that gave us two great litters – litter “C” in 2012 and litter “E” in 2014. Out of five litters, some of the puppies have been exported, for example to Norway, Denmark, Germany, Lithuania and Slovakia.

In 2017 we got totally unexpectedly the puppy – Catch and Falling Star Lebombo “Gucci” from the breeding station of Lebombo. The story can be found here.

new hope of our kennel

Gucci comes from a connection of the very special linebreeding of ClubCh Dykumos Sucha Blonde Ambition “Zarra” (USA) x C.I.B MultiCH BISS Elangeni Braveheartrules “Eros” (AUS).

Little Gucci has become a beautiful, healthy female dog with a unique nature that is the proud owner of many awards from conformation shows.
Gucci is exclusive and the only line daughter of Eros in the Czech Republic!
In July 2020 she gave us a beautiful litter F.